NESA PL400 Rain Gauge 400cm2 collection surface



Product Introduction
Product Features
Technical Details
Product Introduction

Sensor in A Class, according to UNI11452:2012 for the measurement of precipitation with collection surface of 400cm2, realized in aluminum alloy with anodizing treatment for protection against salt and oxidizing agents. According to WMO norms for environmental monitoring. 
Measurement system with knife blade support for tilting bucket in stainless steel with a special system to reduce friction, for ensuring high accuracy over the entire measuring range. A particular system of testing and calibration guarantees the functionality of the instrument for long time.

  • High precision Rain Gauge Sensor class A according to UNI 11452:2012
  • Measure with stainless steel tilting bucket
  • Compact and light design in aluminium
  • According to WMO standards
  • Easy to clean up and maintain

PL400R Rain Gauge 400cm2 collection surface with heater is also available

Product Features

  • Sensor for measurement of precipitation with a knife blade support for tilting bucket
  • Class A accuracy according to UNI11552:2012
  • According to WMO, surface collection: 400cm2
  • Aluminium body white painted, sturdy and compact, stainless steel tilting bucket
  • Measuring range: 0÷300mm/h
  • Sensitivity: 0.2 mm (bucket capacity), 0.1mm on request
  • Instrumental constant: 0.2mm/pulse
  • Average accuracy ± 2% (± 0.10mm/min) (± 1% on request)
  • Output signal: pulse/tilt
  • Operating conditions: 0 ÷ 80°C (-40 ÷ +80°C heated version)
  • Power supply: 10÷30Vdc (12Vdc max 50W heated version)

Technical Details

Orifice area


Operating range

Unlimited. Auto-reset 0-100mm / version A,B,C other ranges available on request

Max counting rate

0 ÷ 300 mm/h

Conversion constant

0.2 mm/imp. (0.1mm on request)


0.2 mm (0.1mm on request)

Average accuracy

±2% (±0.10mm/min) (±1% on request) certified UNI 11452:2012


Tilting bucket

Working temperature

0 ÷ 80°C (-40÷80°C PL400R)

Standard signal output

Dry reed contact pulses (R<250Ω)

Option: 0÷2Vdc, 4÷20mA (0-100mm full scale) o RS485 ModBus

Heater power supply

Max 50W@12Vdc (mod. PL400R)


Polarity reverse and transient, debounce circuit

Output resistance

100 mW / 1MW

Made of

Aluminum alloy, stainless steel bucket

Working conditions

0 ÷ 80°C, (-40 ÷ +80°C with heater)

Power Consumption



3.3 Kg


Standard cable

Shielded multi-core cable for indoor/outdoor use, suitable for hot and cold climates.

With IP68 waterproof connector for connecting the sensor, and PS2 plug connector for direct connection to the data logger or with terminal sleeves for insertion into the terminal blocks.

Our cables are standard for most our sensors.

Available in different lengths starting from 1m.

Special Cable

NPI shielded cable. With IP68 waterproof connector for connecting to the sensor, and terminal sleeves for insertion into the terminal blocks.

Available in any length.

MCS Signal Conditioning Module

Single channel module for conditioning digital and analog electrical signals. Fully programmable for binding input/output with the USB interface available as an option.

·       Programmable input signals: Pt100, thermopiles, Voltages up to 2Vdc, Current 0÷20mA or 4÷20mA, frequency up to 1000Hz, Counter for pulses (1ms min)

·       Programmable Output signals: voltage 0÷2Vdc; Current 0÷20mA or 4÷20mA Serial RS485 (command line); Modbus RS485

·       Resolution: 18 bits with over 262,000 points

·       Operating conditions: -40 ÷ +80°C

·       DIN rail mounting

·       Power supply: 10÷30Vdc (typ. 4mA@12 Vdc)

Windbreaks – (Alter Shield)


Ring with windbreaks elements to minimize the effects of wind on measurements of rain.

Made of aluminum, with light structure and easy to mount, consisting of a ring with a diameter of about 100cm and from preformed elements that are free to oscillate at the wind, while offering a protection to the mouth of the rain gauge. It installs directly to the base of the rain gauge and is adjustable in height.

SPL1 Rain Gauge Support

Rain gauge support in anodized aluminum, useful height = 1000mm (also available at 2m) for ground installation. Diameter 80mm, weight about 6kg. Complete with stainless steel screws, mounting base on the ground. The pole is equipped with holes for cables.

SPL2 Rain Gauge Support

Round plate support for Nesa’s rain gauge, permit to fix the instrument directly on to the pavement or flat surface (h = 12cm)