NESA SUT Moisture Soil Sensor



Product Introduction
Product Features
Technical Details
Product Introduction

The soil moisture sensor is a device that detects the dielectric constant of the soil by means of measures in high frequency. This value depend on the soil moisture and is insensitive to water salinity. Water in soli is a conductor and on the basis of its concentration is possible to obtain an indication of the humidity of the soil, relating the dielectric constant to the soil water tension. The sensor is automatically temperature.


Product Features

  • High precision soil moisture sensor no conductivity based
  • Measures volumetric water content (VWC)
  • Insensitive to salinity and no corrode over time
  • Easy to install and with low weight
  • According to WMO standards
  • Supplied with calibration report
  • Maintenance and re-calibration not required

Technical Details

Measuring range

0÷100% VWC (volumetric water content)


± 6% VWC greater accuracy on specific request for calibration

Time constant

1 sec (medium time)

Standard signal output

4÷20mA loop 2 fili; ( 0÷2Vdc o RS485/Modbus con modulo MCS)

4÷20mA 2-wire loop, ( 0÷2Vdc or RS485/Modbus with MCS module)

Working temperature

-40 ÷ 60°C


polarity reverse and transient

Made of

Body in resin, copper electrodes

Power Consumption

10÷30 Vdc; 5mA@12Vdc (typical)






Standard cable

Shielded multi-core cable for indoor/outdoor use, suitable for hot and cold climates. With IP68 waterproof connector for connecting the sensor, and PS2 plug connector for direct connection to the data logger or with terminal sleeves for insertion into the terminal blocks. Our cables are standard for most our sensors. Available in different lengths starting from 1m.

Special Cable

NPI shielded cable. With IP68 waterproof connector for connecting to the sensor, and terminal sleeves for insertion into the terminal blocks.

Available in any length.

Bracket/ Arm Support

Fixing system for Nesa’s sensors, composed by an arm of different lengths (50cm, 90cm, 150cm) and thermoplastic resin clam for external, able to withstand to extreme temperature and to solar radiation.

Two stainless steel screws for the tightening of the clamp on the sensor complete the equipment.

MCS Signal Conditioning Module

Single channel module for conditioning digital and analog electrical signals. Fully programmable for binding input/output with the USB interface available as an option.

·       Programmable input signals: Pt100, thermopiles, Voltages up to 2Vdc, Current 0÷20mA or 4÷20mA, frequency up to 1000Hz, Counter for pulses (1ms min)

·       Programmable Output signals: voltage 0÷2Vdc; Current 0÷20mA or 4÷20mA Serial RS485 (command line); Modbus RS485

·       Resolution: 18 bits with over 262,000 points

·       Operating conditions: -40 ÷ +80°C

·       DIN rail mounting

·       Power supply: 10÷30Vdc (typ. 4mA@12 Vdc)