NESA LU06 Ultrasonic sensor



Product Introduction
Product Features
Technical Details
Product Introduction

Ultrasonic level sensor. Applications or as hydrometer or as snow gauge, suitable for outdoor use with high temperature and aggressive atmospheres such as sewers, silos, etc.. Aluminum structure anticorrodal IP65 with automatic temperature compensation. Conforms to WMO for environmental monitoring. Sensor is equipped with electrical protections and available with different signal outputs.

  • High accuracy Hydrometer/Snow-meter
  • Temperature automatic compensation
  • Piezoelectric measure device IP67
  • Waterproof IP66 body for outdoor application
  • Accuracy <0.1% of full scale value @20°C
  • Adjustable sensitivity in factory
  • Available with various signal output

Product Features

  • Ultrasonic sensor for measuring the water level/snow
  • Conforms to standard WMO
  • Aluminium body IP65 for outdoor applications
  • Piezoelectric measuring system with automatic compensation for temperature
  • Measuring range: 0÷6000mm (0÷10.000 mm on request)
  • Resolution: 1mm
  • Accuracy: 0.1% f.s.
  • Reduced power consumption (<900mW in reading)
  • Reading very fast (> 1s)
  • Output : 0÷10Vdc, 4÷20mA, RS485/Modbus with MCS module
  • Operating conditions: -25 ÷ +70°C even in corrosive atmosphere.
  • Power supply: 10÷30Vdc

Technical Details

Typical range

0÷6000mm (0÷10000mm on request) – dead band 300/800mm


1 mm


0.1% f.s.@20°C (∆T < 2%)

Response time

< 1 s

Type of transducer


Work frequency

65 kHz

Standard signal output

4÷20mA o 0÷10Vdc

Power supply

10,8÷30 Vdc

Power consumption

< 1,2 W (on measure)

Working conditions

-25 ÷ +70°C


Polarity reverse and transient


Aluminium body IP66




Standard cable

Shielded multi-core cable for indoor/outdoor use, suitable for hot and cold climates.

With IP68 waterproof connector for connecting the sensor, and PS2 plug connector for direct connection to the data logger or with terminal sleeves for insertion into the terminal blocks.

Our cables are standard for most our sensors.

Available in different lengths starting from 1m.

Special Cable

NPI shielded cable. With IP68 waterproof connector for connecting to the sensor, and terminal sleeves for insertion into the terminal blocks.

Available in any length.

Bracket / Arm Support

Fixing system for Nesa’s sensors, composed by an arm of different lengths (50cm, 90cm, 150cm) and thermoplastic resin clam for external, able to withstand to extreme temperature and to solar radiation.

Two stainless steel screws for the tightening of the clamp on the sensor complete the equipment.

MCS Signal Conditioning Module

Single channel module for conditioning digital and analog electrical signals. Fully programmable for binding input/output with the USB interface available as an option.

·       Programmable input signals: Pt100, thermopiles, Voltages up to 2Vdc, Current 0÷20mA or 4÷20mA, frequency up to 1000Hz, Counter for pulses (1ms min)

·       Programmable Output signals: voltage 0÷2Vdc; Current 0÷20mA or 4÷20mA Serial RS485 (command line); Modbus RS485

·       Resolution: 18 bits with over 262,000 points

·       Operating conditions: -40 ÷ +80°C

·       DIN rail mounting

·       Power supply: 10÷30Vdc (typ. 4mA@12 Vdc)

Hydrometric Rod

Hydrometric rod made of anodized aluminum with anti-corrosion treatment to resist even in environments with contaminants and abrasions. The colouring with high iridescent effect for an excellent visibility of scale from far, and in any application (cement, bricks, soil, etc.). The choice of colours is the result of careful consideration and numerous tests carried out in the field and on the applications already developed, where is essential to ensure to the observer the best possible visibility even in unfavourable conditions during flood events . The hydrometric rod is made in modules of 1 meter with indication of measurement every ten centimeters and reference notches every centimeter, for the indication meter by meter, the rod may be furnished by a plate showing the desired value in meters.

SS-P1 Hinged Arm

Arm support for radar and ultrasonic sensor for bridges or walls, length 1500mm (square tube 40x40mm 3mm) completely folding at 90° to facilitate maintenance of the sensor. 630x130x8mm base plate with 6 holes for dowels. Is possible to lock the hinge with padlock. Screws in stainless steel.