GREATEYES LumiSolarOutdoor Battery-Powered

Technical Datasheet

Product Introduction
Product Features
Technical Details
Product Introduction

The award-winning LumiSolarOutdoor system enables to investigate the quality of solar modules on-site. Defects can be identified quickly. Modules don‘t need to be demounted from their substructure. Measurements can be performed directly in the solar park or at rooftop PV installation after twilight or during the night. In contrast to other systems the LumiSolar-Outdoor system does not require a dark box or enclosure. It is the first system capable of performing measurements in the open air, thus saving time and cost. Moreover damages due to transportation are prevented.

There are two versions of the LumiSolar-Outdoor system available.

  • LumiSolarOutdoor Battery-Powered
  • LumiSolarOutdoor Line-Powered

The battery powered version of the LumiSolarOutdoor system doesnot need any external power supply. A battery generates the electricity to power single solar modules. Therefore an independent operation of the battery based version is possible.

Product Features

  • Maximum flexibility through battery power supply
  • Inspection under open air
  • high time and cost savings
  • no demounting of modules
  • for all common module types
  • single modules and strings
  • excellent image quality

Technical Details

Battery-Powered LumiSolarOutdoor
Application Electroluminescence inspection of single modules directly on-site
Image Size 1024*1024 pixel, 16 bit

Or 2048*2048 pixel, 16 bit

Image output data BMP, JPEG, TIFF, TXT, raw data
Measurement time ~2 sec for c-Si solar modules
Min. distance camera↔module 0.5 m
Typ. distance camera↔module 3 – 5 m
Outdoor light conditions Night sky, late twilight time
Outdoor power supply 0-100 V / 0-7, 5 A / max. 750 W
Number of measurements 200-500 with single battery charge
Total system weight 40 kg


  • Pre-delivery inspection at the solar module manufacturer
  • Receiving / Pre-delivery check at the retail company
  • Final inspection before installation of the solar modules
  • Documentation of existing or new PV installations
  • Acceptance Tests
  • Direct inspection of solar modules in the park
  • Direct inspection of root-top PV installations
  • Failure analysis of defect solar modules
  • Research & Development

LumiSolarOutdoor Software

The LumiSolarOutdoor software controls the camera and the power supply for the solar modules and is used to capture and visualize the Electroluminescence Images. It offers many functions for image and data analysis.