HIOKI MR8875 Multi-purpose Data Logger

  • 15 Channel Voltage / Thermocouple
  • 4 channels Analog Input
  • 4 Channel Strain Gauge


Product Introduction
Product Features
Technical Features
Product Introduction

With Hioki MR8875 datalogger, you can monitor both temperature and analogue output sensors as well as strain gage measurements and records simultaneously.

With a Hioki MR8875 datalogger, you can take automotive vibration measurements  according to JIS D 1601:1995 standard.  All channels are measured at various signal values. It can be used in the application and control systems of automotive and transportation equipment, construction machinery and heavy equipment development systems, power line quality records.

Product Features

  • Standard 8 logic channels
  • Up to 60 channels
  • Connecting 4 different modules at the same time
  • 15 Channel Voltage / Thermocouple Module, 4 channel Analog Input Module, CAN Module, 4 Channel Strain Gauge Module
  • Temperature and AC / DC Current Recording
  • Voltage Recording
  • Strain gauge measurement recording
  • 16 bit analog signal recording
  • Possibility to attach a direct transducer
  • AC Voltage Measurement up to 1 kV rms with Differential Probe
  • Possibility of measurement with direct thermocouple
  • Real Time Recording
  • Memory card up to 2 GB
  • Channels are isolated from each other,
  • CAN measurement
  • Selectable recording range from 200μs to 2.5 minutes
  • Possibility to work with Battery and Adapter
  • Ability to send e-mail
  • Ability to record to SD card and USB
  • LAN Interface
  • FTP and WEB server
  • Touch screen 8.4 inch color LCD screen

Technical Features

Number of Input Modules

4 modules

Number of Channels

Max. 16 analog channels (using MR901), (using max. 60 channels MR8902) + 4 channel strain gauge measurement channels + standard 8 logic channels

Measurement Ranges

5 mV to 10 V / div,

Frequency characteristics


100 kHz DC (using -3dB, MR8901)

Time Axis

200 µs to 5 min/div

Maximum Sampling Rate

When using MR8901] 500 kS / sec

[Using MR8902] 10 ms

[Using MR8903] 200 kS / sec

Measurement functions

Among high-speed function (high-speed recording) channels, FFT calculation or other functions, real-time calculation

External memory

SD Card and USB 2.0


Touchscreen 8.4-inch SVGA-TFT color LCD (800 × 600 resolution)


LAN: 100BASE-TX (DHCP, DNS supported, FTP server / client, WEB server, send e-mail, command control)
USB: USB2.0 compatible

Dimensions & Weight

298 mm G × 224 mm H × 84 mm D,

2.4 kg