HIGHTEST MGIS 15-FL Meterological Station



With Hightest MGIS 15-FL Meteorological Station you can online monitoring and recording meteorological measurements in your solar power plant or in your R&D applications. With WEB based software you can access your data anywhere you have internet.

Hightest MGIS 15-FL Meteorological Station is a station which can be designed by user’s requirements. The only thing the user has to do is just determine which parameters (irradiance, wind speed, humidity, temperature…) are monitoring and recording.


  • Solar Power Plant Monitoring
  • Meteorologic Tracking
  • R&D Applications
  • Environmental Data Recording


  • DataLogger
  • Pyranometer with ISO17025 Calibration Certificate
  • Compatible with Outdoor Conditions
  • Ambient Temperature and Humidty Measurement
  • Wind Speed Measurement
  • Wind Direction Measurement
  • PV Module Temperaure Measurement


  • Analyze More Than One Station through a single software
  • Daily Report
  • Automatic Error Notification
  • Analysis via PDF and Excel
  • Configurable Sampling Period
  • Graphical Display

Additional Features

  • Sensor and Datalogger Calibration
  • Sensors (Compatible with EN 12975-2 Standards)